They want to see someone who is recreating a representation of the characters as close as possible, with attention paid to Anime cosplay costumes, detail accessories and even behaviour. And artist Howard Porter’s art is as dense as the story, bringing in detail and background material that takes a whileContinue Reading

In this league, especially during The Age of the Coronavirus, more than half the battle is showing up. In this Season’s Division Rivals, battle for top Leaderboards spots, earn Rivals Players, and compete in Weekend Tournament for the best rewards! Livescore, results, statistics. Follow TOP SCORES on homepage – livescoreContinue Reading

Success doesn’t make Kara forget all the earlier subterfuge by Brainiac 5. She wants answers and is willing to wring them out of Brainy if she has to. The technologies to make these movies is increasingly effortless to use. This is an essential requirement for the regular use of bloodContinue Reading

But I don’t know any Supergirl fans who want to hear about her dying again. Brainy tries to figure out if indeed Supergirl has met him already but that her memories of the future are being masked by Saturn Girl’s mental blocks. Another bitty week. The texts for Volume 11Continue Reading

He created Astro Boy, following from the inspiration of Walt Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Bambi. Carter found regular work on the early issues of Mickey Mouse Weekly, where he drew ‘Troubles of Father’, ‘Bob the Bugler’, ‘Sea Shanties’ and ‘Circus Capers’. He also drew golfing sketches andContinue Reading